Who We Are

Sponsored by Emmanuel United Church and partnering with many other community groups, Seeds of Change is...

  • A brick in the building of community in a downtown Peterborough neighbourhood

  • A gathering place for people interested in social justice, the arts, and spirituality

  • A roomy, affordable, accessible, inclusive, and hospitable space for activities

  • A collegial partnership of many community groups, with programs our neighbours need

  • A place of belonging, where neighbours support, serve, and empower each other

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Our Mission 

  • We offer a place for people and imagination - a place to gather and grow the seeds of community resilience and transformation in our downtown Peterborough neighbourhood. 

  • We make room for neighbours and groups to work with us, designing and delivering programs and projects that cultivate social justice, spirituality, and artistic expression. 

Our Values

  • Inclusivity

  • Accessibility

  • Social Justice for All

  • Exploring Spirituality

  • Food Security

  • Creativity


In 2011, a vision was shared amongst our neighbours, wanting to create an environment where people could access affordable ways to tap into their potential and live their best life. This vision formed a Steering Committee established by Emmanuel United Church, which began to examine the feasibility of a centre for spirituality, social justice, and the arts for Peterborough.


We researched the neighbourhood, consulted community agencies, and pilot programs were soon introduced. With these programs we conducted further research, evaluations, and analysis. Our pilot projects, which received overwhelmingly positive response included a community barbeque, a fall family feast, after-school arts programs, and the Peterborough in Portrait project. 

Seeds of Change Board

Brenda Dales

Phylllis Elvidge-Bell

Janet Honsberger

Annajean McNaught

Don Uhryniw

Seeds of Change Founding Board

Don Uhryniw

Mary Gordon

Kevin Vaughan

Carol Kelsey

Brenda Dales

Peter Williams

Susan Bacque 

Patti James

Janet Honsberger