Message from Seeds of Change,
Emmanuel United Church

Peterborough’s Seeds of Change is a place that promotes community resilience and fosters new programs and projects that cultivate social justice, spirituality and the arts. Seeds of Change has employed amazing staff, who have helped guide the organization to its successes. Its many volunteers have contributed their time, expertise and encouragement.

Seeds of Change has enjoyed unprecedented support from the community, funders, and church members. A three year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation enabled Seeds of Change to really ‘take-off’. This grant ended in 2017. Despite best efforts and generous contributions from the United Church, the City of Peterborough and others, sufficient grant funding has not been forthcoming to support staff after June. The decision has been made to let staff contracts expire when their terms are over on June 30, 2017. Seeds of Change has joined a growing list of small community-based organizations that have not been able to secure a stable financial base.

Emmanuel United Church, which sponsors Seeds of Change, intends to carry on as much of the work as possible, relying on volunteers to maintain current programs or develop new ones. If you are interested in helping, please contact the church office on 705 742 4162 to speak to our office secrtetary or phone Seeds of Change direct on 705 874 3553 and speak to our volunteer coordinator.

Community groups who wish to discuss rental of space can contact either the church or Seeds of Change.

Seeds of Change began as a United Church Outreach project in 2011. The idea was simple – create a place for people and imagination – but the impact has been profound. Seeds of Change is known as a place where groups and organizations can hold their workshops. The community garden is blooming and received a Sustainable Peterborough award several months ago. Drumming helps people transcend boundaries and unite as a community. The community meals create a gathering place for neighbours and passers-by. There is a strong foundation from which to move forward.


More information: Frankie Schilke at